Type P Steel Hinged Door

Type P Steel Hinged Door

Steel Hinged Door in 2 sizes

From our extensive portfolio of commercial room doors, we continuously stock two door models in standard colours. This means you can count on rapid delivery when placing orders. We are happy to deliver your steel hinged door with your wall panel order.

ROMA  steel hinged doors are suitable for a variety of purposes inside and outside: in working areas, warehouses and offices, but also for cold store rooms and other demanding industrial uses.

Quick and easy installation with no waste. You can save 2.5 m2 of panel surface area by installing a steel hinged door in its place.

Type P steel hinged door for our 1,150 mm panel
Type M steel hinged door door for our 1,000 mm panel

At a glance:

  • type P dimensions: 1,030 mm x 2,100 mm clearance
  • type M dimensions: 850 mm x 2,100 mm
  • thermally separated sash, suitable for retrofit installation in all panel gauges
  • door leaf sandwich construction identical with that of ROMA insulation panels
  • excellent thermal insulation due to 60 mm rigid PUR foam
    (U-value certified to EN 13165: 0.375W/m2K)
  • standard model with galvanised sheet steel cover in RAL 9002

Sample applications

Brändle vehicle production, Wängi CH

Production and Office


Hinged doors in different dimensions