industrial and cold-store rooms

industrial and cold-store rooms

Sliding Doors

Because opening and closing them is effortless and fast, ROMA sliding doors keep daily work smooth and efficient. Electric drives make frequently opened doors even more convenient.

All ROMA sliding doors can be adapted to widely differing applications and floor plans. Choose from flexible door dimensions and various insulation thicknesses to meet your needs. Designed free of thermal bridges, excellent PUR insulation and outstanding sealing, ROMA sliding doors can even be used in freezer rooms down to -28°C.

All materials used in our door material meet the highest hygiene standards. The sliding track is sealed on its upper surface and resists dirt build-up, making ROMA sliding doors very easy to clean.

Key benefits:

  • excellent insulation
  • outstanding seal
  • easy operation
  • flexible door dimensions
  • many different frame designs for various installation scenarios

Our latest innovation

Our new sliding door delivers on all it promises. It is designed for heavy-duty use and with a tight seal, with a 60 mm thick door leaf and thermally separated frame. The new sliding door model is very easy to operate, has compact dimensions, is easy to install, and can be used anywhere, even as a retrofit solution.

Sample applications

Union Maraichére, Genf

Institution for food division


Sliding door RAL 9002

Schwannberger GmbH, Patersdorf

Wholesale restaurant supplies


3 automatic sliding doors/gates in RAL 9002

Geflügelschlachterei Paletta, Holzheim

Poultry slaughterhouse


Sliding doors in V2A